A Minimalist Skin Care Routine

Image courtesy of Sophie Ollis

One of the hardest parts of becoming a minimalist wasn’t pairing down my excessive clothes, furniture, or books; it was tackling the mountain of skin care products that I had hoarded over the years.


I have a big weakness when it comes to new skincare products, not cosmetics, skincare. When I first approached my cabinets stuffed with night creams, day creams, toner, hydrating serums, bb & cc creams and anything in between I was overwhelmed.

As a teen who suffered from a revolving door of bad skin conditions, I became an adult who still thought that the solution to my complicated skin was to be found in a magic potion.

Like everything else in my life, this was one area that I still needed to learn that less is more.

While at first, I saw an opportunity to pitch all my products and head out shopping for a new arsenal of skin defense, I quickly realized that this was only going to perpetuate my problem. I resigned to finding the core players in my skincare routine and discovered that I used about 5% of the products I owned.

Below are the five products that have earned a place in my skincare routine:          


A Sunscreen


I have spent a fortune on mineral sunscreen, but for everyday use, it’s hard to beat the simple ingredients and low price of Everyday Coconut’s SPF 15 face lotion.

A Hydrating Cream


Great for day and night, I use Derma E‘s Vitamin A cream which always leaves my skin looking well hydrated and soft.



A Face Wash


My personal favorite is Dr. Bronner‘s Castile Soap in lavender which has a plethora of uses at a friendly price tag. Did I also mention it smells amazing?

Tea Tree Oil41uMOd+ao9L

Amazing for all types of skin ailments, I love the pure concentration and eyedrop bottle of Rhada Tea Tree Oil.

Clay (Once a week)


Fantastic for drawing out toxins and keeping pores small, a particular favorite of mine is Evanhealy’s French Rose Clay.


The key to keeping my skincare clutter-free is not ordering a replacement until I am completely out of my current product. While this technique can cause a lapse in skincare for a few days, the inconvenience is a small price to pay to avoid cabinets full of unused products that were purchased and then forgotten.

This is the skincare kit that I have found works for me, and my skin is much happier as a result. While skin can be incredibly varied and require a range of techniques to keep it healthy, I discovered that finding just a few really great products (especially products with multiple uses) can keep this daily task (and my bathroom) stress-free.



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